Top 5 Strategies to Make Australia a Christian Nation

Jesse Walsh
7 min readNov 11, 2022
Tom Roberts, “The Opening of the First Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia by His Royal Highness the Duke of Cornwall and York, 9 May 1901” (1903)

I am a christian nationalist, here are my top 5 favorite strategies for making Australia a Christian nation. These strategies aren’t lofty or unattainable, but things I personally do in my life (except for number 5).

1. Cut out the foreign news.

If you are a conservative Christian male, my prediction is that you care WAY too much about American politics. It’s wise to be informed about what’s going on in the world but investing so much precious time into keeping up in such detail with elections and culture wars over 10,000km away is fruitless. You probably know the Governor of California or the Mayor of London but answer this: Who is your local councilor? Who is the mayor of your LGA?

Many of our social media feeds only make us more discouraged and distracted by stuff so irrelevant and far away that you can’t possibly do anything about.

Your time is precious.

How are you redeeming your time (Eph.5:15–16)? Are you using it to build and fight where God has actually put you?

On the bright side, the fact that you care about a culture war (even an American one) is a good sign. There is a culture war; a war between the darkness and the light. On one side King Jesus and us, his servants, and on the other the principalities and powers. It’s a war fought in your own life and the world around you.

Forget the USA. Forget Australia even. Take up your sword and start the fight in your very own suburb.

2. Go to a church physically close to your home.

How do we fight such a war in our own suburb? It starts with the command center: the local church. The church that you belong to is the life-blood of the culture war. A Christian Nationalist who is not active in a local church is like a fishing enthusiast who watches fishing programs on television but does not own a fishing rod. He loves to talk about fish but will never catch any.

If there was a church as pretty as this close to me I would go to it, believe me.

Chances are you are already active in a church and know why that is so very important. But there is one aspect of church that is ignored today. Many faithful people (for honest reasons) go to a church 30–60 mins drive from their house. We have forgotten the ‘local’ from the local church.

“They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers…And day by day attending the temple together and breaking bread in their homes…” (Acts 2:42,46b) This is what God’s Church looked like after receiving the Holy Spirit. Does this sound like something you could do living 45mins+ from the rest of the church community?

Moreover, how do you expect to win the world as a drop in the pagan ocean? It is only when we concentrate God’s forces in a tight knit yet open and welcoming community that we can influence the world. A good measure is this: How often do you run into people from church while running errands like buying fuel and groceries? If the answer is never, think about moving churches or houses.

When me and my fiancee Samantha were looking for rental properties to move into for the start of our marriage, distance to church was the one non-compromisable thing. Everything else was up for debate. For example: we don’t have room for a dining table but it’s a worthy exchange for a 10 minute drive to church.

3. Invite people over for dinner.

The church in Acts grew spiritually while in close proximity with each other. If you look closely at the text, you will see that they grew spiritually while they grew physically. “And day by day attending the temple together and breaking bread in their homes” (Acts 2:46b) What better way to encourage spiritual growth in each other and in our nation then eating food with the mates. This is why the closeness of strategy 2 is so important, it enables you to serve and encourage the brethren more casually and regularly.

Invite people into your home and feed them. It’s one of the simplest ways to give. You give your resources, your time, your energy all in one evening. Strategy 3 is strategy 2 in action and it’s so easy to start. Just copy paste this into a text message: Are you free Wednesday night? I’d/We’d love to have you round for dinner.

4. Plant a Garden.

Modern food is hot garbage. Americans eat less calories on average than they did in the 60s, yet today their obesity rate is sky high. We need physically and mentaly strong Christian men and women if we are going to make Australia Christian again. How do we combat the munted modern diet?

My fiancee Samantha and our little garden

The solution is to embrace the dominion mandate of Genisis 1:28 and start growing your own food. It might sound intimidating but again, it’s so easy to start.

Jesus gives some of us more talents than others, but he expects us to make a return on what they’ve been given. (Mat. 25:14-30) Have you been blessed with an acreage property and green pastures? Perhaps you should consider raising some livestock. Have you been blessed with an inner city apartment? Grow some herbs in pots on your balcony and purchase food from other brothers or from independent farmers at local farmers markets. (Start with rosemary it’s pretty hard to kill)

It sounds proud, but here’s the reality. The more money and resources that stay in the hands of God’s people and out of the pockets of Big-Agriculture and Big-Government the better. Christians will simply be more productive stewards of God’s money than Big-Ag, who makes you sick for profit, and Big-Gov, who uses the cash to fund useless wars overseas, and push the LGBTQ+ agenda on our kids at home and in schools.

Don’t let the principalities and powers make you fat, sick, and lazy. Start producing today!

5. Bring up children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.

This is the only one of the strategies that I don’t do myself yet. It’s included because I plan on doing this and it’s also really obvious. It’s a simple proposition: If we want a higher percentage of Australia to be Christians, go and make some Christians.

Evangelism is a good way to make disciples but the children of the covenant are the normative way that God sustains and continues his church. Think about your Christian friends. How many of them have christian parents? I think about my small group where there is one first generation christian, and the rest of us (myself included) inherited our parents faith.

It goes without saying that we aren’t the Holy Spirit so we cannot regenerate our children. Nonetheless, the Bible encourages us with verses like Proverbs 22:6, saying that there is a very strong correlation between raising your children “in the discipline and instruction of the lord” (Ephesians 6:4) and them walking with God after you.

This is the most important strategy when we look at a sad but tactically advantageous reality. The pagans of our country hate children. They prevent them with birth control, failing that, they slaughter them in the womb, and the ones that make it out are encouraged to mutilate themselves through the pusing of transgenderism by the LGBT grooming machine.

It’s sad but encouraging. Christians are the ones having the babies. To us, children matter. They are our future, they are the key to a christian Australia. We might not see it in our lifetime, but if we are long sighted and sow into our children, God’s Church will reap great rewards.

Do it.

This all seems like alot but is so easy to start. Start small and together we can see God’s kingdom come to our nation. I’ve included a handy guide so you can get started.


Go through your socials and unfollow unhelpful and discouraging foreign news and politics. Start thinking local

This Week

Go to church on sunday (preferably one close to your house)

This month

Plant some small potted herbs, invite someone over for dinner and use some of the herbs in the meal.

This year

If you are single, make yourself more marriage ready. Single ladies, take time to learn about childrearing and learn some practical skills that will help your future husband. Single lads, prepare yourself to lead and provide for your future wife by reading your bible regularly and working on your career. Start looking for a wife if circumstances permit.

If you are married, continue to intentionally bring up your children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.

God bless you and our nation, Australia.



Jesse Walsh

Christian in Brisbane Australia. I go to work during the week and go to church on Sunday.